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The next XBOX to be named “XBOX ONE” – Here’s the details

xbox-one-console-picture About every 5 years a new gaming console comes around. It seems like ages ago that Microsoft released the XBOX 360, which has had prime real estate in homes around the world ever since. It’s that time again – where gamers tap into that savings account and kids around the world start asking for the new XBOX for christmas. The price tag for the XBOX ONE? That is to be announced. Here’s a rundown of the XBOX Live unveiling, as well as a video and a product overview.


Yahoo Acquires Blog Platform Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

yahoo-officially-acquires-tumblrToday Yahoo announced the acquisition of popular social blogging platform, Tumblr. The $1.1 billion acquisition leaves Tumblr CEO David Karp as the acting CEO, who will continue to pilot the evolution of the rapidly growing website, which boasts 300 million monthly unique visitors and 120,000 sign-ups per day. With Yahoo behind the wheel of Tumblr – how will the user experience and relevance of the service be affected in the long run? Only time will tell. Some fear that Tumblr will lose its “anything goes” persona which aids the unique and unfiltered user experience. What do you think?

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Tesla Model S awarded the Best Invention

Hello beautiful. Can you believe that this sleek, sophisticated yet daring automobile is electric. Now if only the PayPal billionaire that owns this beauty would share. But why is this specifically awarded the Best Invention of 2012 by Time Magazine? Well it gets 89 miles to the gallon. Yeah wipe the tears, that’s a real estimate and fact checked answer.

We can thank Franz von Holzhausen the designer of this lovely yet money saving car. Also let’s not forget that it has a setting for self-inflating tires. Which means less time trying to fix your car and actually enjoying it. Since the T-Model Ford, people are describing this as the most important invention or at least car ever? Do you agree?

NASA to Launch Small Satellites Controlled by Unmodified Android Phones

The day has come where satellites can be controlled by a mobile phone. NASA plans to release a set of small, more affordable satellites that can perform basic functions through a widely-used commercial device; rather than a custom designed controller. Watch the video below.
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The New York Times Sells for $300 Million, one of the most visited sites on the web, has been sold to IAC for $300,000,000 in cash. The valuation for is impressive, since it only serves as an article-based information source. Maybe one day RT-Now will sell for a couple hundred million?
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Video: Privately Developed SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft Makes History

On May 25, 2012 SpaceX made history when the Dragon spacecraft became the first privately developed vehicle in history to successfully attach to the International Space Station. Continue reading to watch an inspirational video of the Dragon’s journey through space; from launching to landing in the Pacific ocean.
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ACLU Launches Phone App to Help Motorists Record Police Stops (Video)

The New Jersey ACLU has launched their “Police Tape” App which records audio and/or video of an encounter. The App securely and discreetly records and stores interactions with the police, as well as provide informaton about citizens’ rights.
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Video: Michigan Buys 400 Talking Urinal Cakes to Combat Drunk Driving

What better way to combat drunk driving then have a urinal cake lecture you mid-binge? The state of Michigan has distributed these talking urinal cakes over the 4th of July weekend to prevent drunk driving and spread awareness of safe-driver programs.
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First Look: Google Nexus 7 Tablet (Pictures)

Today Google is holding its annual developers conference, where big announcements are expected. Here is a preview of the Google Nexus 7, Google’s first tablet to compete with the Apple iPad and Kindle Fire.
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Video Games: Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gameplay Preview

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is essentially an updated version of its predecessors Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, and Counter-Strike Source. Continue to watch an exclusive live gameplay preview that showcases both the updates and relative consistency of CS:GO.
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