Boys Meets World Follow-Up Series is Happening!

I bet you never thought you would see this day, that when you were about 11 or 12 you had watched this show to the point where even your parents had to tell you to go outside. But never fret it’s back! That may be a good or bad thing depending on the fact that it is so popular even after being off the air for a decade. Fans from the 90′s to kids now are latching on to the show. Michael Jacobs the original executive producer is the only one reprising his work, it’s unofficial yet if any of the original cast will make a comeback appearance. But the show is said to focus on the life of Cory and Topanga’s daughter. So far casting for the t.v. show is still happening at the moment, but you will definitely know if the show gets a pilot and will of course start to air on the Disney Channel.


Tesla Model S awarded the Best Invention

Hello beautiful. Can you believe that this sleek, sophisticated yet daring automobile is electric. Now if only the PayPal billionaire that owns this beauty would share. But why is this specifically awarded the Best Invention of 2012 by Time Magazine? Well it gets 89 miles to the gallon. Yeah wipe the tears, that’s a real estimate and fact checked answer.

We can thank Franz von Holzhausen the designer of this lovely yet money saving car. Also let’s not forget that it has a setting for self-inflating tires. Which means less time trying to fix your car and actually enjoying it. Since the T-Model Ford, people are describing this as the most important invention or at least car ever? Do you agree?

Adriana Lima still one of Victoria Secret’s Sexiest Models

The return of Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima. Do you hear that, the sounds of breath being sucked in by many. After the birth of her two children and keeping a low profile since 2000. We were wondering if this brunette bombshell would ever return. And she has. Check out her recent lingerie photo-shoot .

At 31 years of age, she can wipe the floor with the majority and while doing so with a smirk on her face and fire in her eyes. In saying that you can’t take your eyes off of her. Is it her Brazilian heritage that keeps her looking healthy and vivacious?



Yep you know what time of year it is, Movember. That time where the men of your life (of if you are a man) grow a beard without the worry of ever having to trim or cut it. That is until December 1st, unless you are lucky enough to have a full on Santa beard by the time Christmas rolls around then be my guest. But now you can help out with Cancer Awareness by growing out your facial hair. Who said you weren’t doing anything this month? KPCC wants you to help out and here are some ways that you can:

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  • Twitter: Use the hashtag #MovemberKPCC when you tweet photos, and we’ll find them.
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Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY

Nets-Knicks Season Opener Postponed Due to Hurricane Sandy

All the anticipation that built up for the first regular season game at the Barclays Center will have to wait. Wednesday, the NBA announced that the game between the Nets and Knicks scheduled to be played Thursday in Brooklyn will be postponed.

With many subway lines down due to Hurricane Sandy, it was in the best interest to postpone the game.  The Barclays Center sits right above nine Subway lines and a Long Island Rail Road station.  Without mass transit, it would be nearly impossible to get all the fans to the arena.  Tickets were going for $200+ online for this historic event.

Now, the first regular season game at the Barclays Center will come Saturday night when the Nets host the Toronto Raptors.  Tickets were going on StubHub for $30+ before the announcement.  Prices have increased dramatically since the announcement came earlier today.  Tickets on StuhHub are now at $90+ to get in to the Brooklyn Nets season opener.


Crazy Time Lapse Video of Hurricane Sandy Hitting New York City

Just incase your weren’t in the tri-state area when Hurricane Sandy hit, heres a quick time lapse video of its effects on lower manhattan (NYC) over Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Rain, Wind, No Power… Oh my! The result was a lot of flooding, and over 50 blocks completely blacked out. We wish the best to those affected by the storm – and hope for a fast recovery.
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Twitter Reacts to Hurricane Sandy

For the last couple of days everyone from this side of the world has heard about Hurricane Sandy, even to the point meme’s are starting to go around of Olivia Newton John who played ‘Sandy’ in Grease. But besides that Sandy arrived a bit early reaching Atlantic City, New Jersey Monday Evening. Since the upper East Coast relatively doesn’t see this type of weather, everyone has been taking jabs at the storm. While the boardwalks are covered and it’s already been estimated that the damage may surplus over a billion dollars once this ends; nevertheless Hurricane Sandy has her own twitter page – @AHurricaneSandy.

More so, it goes to show that the East Coast once they are hit with something as serious as this, leave it to the comedians to jump start a serious of laughs while the power goes out and everyone starts toasting and enjoying much needed time off. Be safe everyone and laugh a little.

Guest Post by Kristen Fisher